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This is a Frida Khalo doll made by Jan Horrox in a Lesley O'Leary workshop titled 'When I have wings I can fly'  earlier in 2020. The design is by Lesley O'Leary. 

 This is the second one I made and I have the first one in my living room.  She is about 22" long and hangs on the wall.  Her clothes are all separate but can not be taken off.  She wears a long underskirt, underwear and the long skirt so typical of Mexican dress as well as the Huipil top.  The costume is taken from photographs of Frida in the many books available.  I was also lucky enough to see the exhibition in 2019 at the V&A.  As I don't want to keep the two dolls I thought perhaps someone else would enjoy one.

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