SYLVIE SPRITE - a Christmas Fairy by Jan Horrox. KIT.

  • £29.00

A ready made head with features to fit this doll is included in this kit.

Sylvie Sprite is a Christmas Fairy for 2018.  Sylvie is a simple to make doll which requires no special doll making knowledge.  She has a four part head but no sculpting, bead eyes and simple features which you can add with a pencil crayon and blusher.  If you prefer you can embroider the features.  She is made from high quality batik fabrics and has Angelina Sheet wings.  These require an iron and Baking Sheet and are very simple to make.  She has simple stitched joints.  This kit includes everything except the stuffing.  Full pattern with step by step photos.

Includes free membership to Jan Horrox Kit Club on Face Book - this will provide support and advice on making your kit.

A fee face stamp with every kit.