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Pattern Designers

A Doll for all Seasons by Mary Ann Kaahanui and Bonnie B Lewis

Pattern - details as below.  Realistically  proportioned 16" female body with hand a...

Details £10.00

A Dude for all Seasons by Doll Makers Journey

This realistically proportioned 18” male body to go with our Doll for All Seasons ha...

Details £9.00

Abbey and Friends

About Abbey and Friends Happy Abbey has a passion for birds; the tree covered hills...

Details £8.00

All About Eve by Sheryl D'ath

19" sculpted doll made with deer suede.  21 pages of exact instructions for this fab...

Details £16.00

All About Hands by Sharon Mitchell

Available from our Etsy shop - see home page.  "All about Hands" is a 13 page tutori...

Details £8.00

Amelia by Jill Maas

"This charming 22" character is a European circus performer." Please go to Etsy shop...

Details £8.00

Angel Hair by Magic Threads

Beautiful 23" angel with quilted hair. Great way to use antique laces and trims. 

Details £7.50