Clarice by Jill Maas

Clarice by Jill Maas

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Clarice is a forest dweller, her job is to care for the trees, vines and bushes that tangle and live together to form the thick forest. She loves playing amongst the huge roots hiding down dark holes then climbing into the canopy and swinging on the vines, with the bright sunlight peeping and dancing through the leaves. But her most favourite time is when the rain pours down amongst the trees to the forest floor, causing wonderful slippery mud, water falls and filling the streams into gushing rivers, it’s like skiing and rafting at the same time.
Clarice is fun of energy, hardly ever sits still and can never be found except at meal times.

Clarice stands about 13 inches (33cm) tall and is wired so she can stand on her own. She has distinctive eyes and ears and is a delight to make.