Miniature Mermaid by Laurie Wagner

Miniature Mermaid by Laurie Wagner

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Mermaid Mannequin 1:16 Scale Cloth Doll

An original pattern by Laurie Wagner © 2014

Sew an elegant mermaid 4.5” (11.5 cm) tall with flexible wire armature and needle sculpted details. This little posable doll is an ideal basic body for finishing in many different ways. Basic machine and hand sewing skills are required. Pattern is full size.

Recommended fabrics: Use a fine knit fabric with moderate stretch, about 40% across and 20% lengthwise to achieve the shaping as shown. Using other fabrics will make the doll thicker or thinner than the original design.

  • Dolskin (polyester) by James Thompson, USA
  • Doll Jersey (cotton) by De Witte Engel, Holland

Materials & Tools:

Fabric, matching thread

Sewing machine and needle for knits

Needle for hand sewing

Brass wire 20ga or finer

Florist tape, white

Stuffing – wool or fiberfil

Freezer paper and fine point pen

White craft glue and small paint brush

Scissors, fine point

Needle nose pliers with wire cutter

Hemostat pliers with very small jaws

Tiny tube, such as plastic drinking straw

Tiny rod to fit loosely into tube

Mini stuffing fork by Barbara Willis