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NOW FULL.  Another to be held in October.


Making a fully armatured doll on a stand.

on May 11, 12 and 13th 2018

Friday 2pm – 6.30pm.

Sat.10am – 5pm , 5pm – 7pm extra work time which is optional as I know some people may need to travel or not want to stay so late.

Sunday 10am – 4pm.

To be held at:

Walton Village Hall, Meadow lane, Walton, nr. Glastonbury. BA169LA

 This workshop will be for 5 people only over 3 days which will give us more time to complete a more complex project.

We shall be making a cloth doll from a pattern supplied by me at the workshop, with a full wired armature which fits and stands on a wooden base.  It will be an 18” doll ( same size as dolls in my books)  This doll will be standing with both feet on the stand and because it is fully wired it gives lots of scope for position and costuming.

 This pattern will include a four part head and 2 hand alternatives.  A body shape which sculpts to form the bust and straight legs.  I will provide the wooden base which will be pre-drilled for the wires from the feet, the wire for armature, chenille sticks, Fabric for doll as well as the stuffing and glues, tapes etc.

As with all my workshops I would like you to bring your own ideas of character and design of doll you would like to make.  I will post more pictures of the doll in process of making so you can get a good idea of the possibilities.

 If you can bring a picture or have a good idea of what style of doll you want to make, this will help you decide on your fabrics and trims.  This year I’m encouraging everyone to arrive with ideas about what they want their doll to look like. 

 If you have any queries on what you want to do – please do email me and we can discuss it.

 I supply a kit to each person which includes:

 Flesh coloured Pimatex cotton fabric – enough for one doll.

Chenille sticks ( for wiring fingers)

Filling or stuffing for one doll.

Armature wire

Wood base for stand which will be pre-drilled.

Wood dowling or kebab sticks for legs.

2 x long darning needles for sculpting the face.




 I also bring for use during the workshop, plenty of the following:

 Forceps and chop sticks for stuffing.

Long Doll Needles

Fine pens for drawing in all colours on the face.

Pencil crayons for colouring the faces.

Fine mechanical pencils

Vanishing fineline pens air drying

Quilting and extra strong threads.

 I also bring some oddments of fabrics, trims, buttons and beads that are free leftovers – this will be fairly random.

 I shall bring organza, tulle and floral wire in various colours. Also web fabric – very good for wings.

 You will need to bring:

A sewing machine in good order

It is very helpful to have an open quilting or embroidery foot or a clear foot.  If you imagine machining with a small stitch around small fingers – you need to be able to see exactly what you are doing.

Natural polyester thread for machining.

Sharp embroidery scissors and good sewing scissors.

Paper scissors for cutting out the pattern.

Smallish wire pliers that cut are useful to have.

Coloured or patterned cotton fabric for the dressing of the doll.  Best to use a good strong cotton fabric – quilting cotton fabric is ideal – the fabric has to take quite a lot of stress when stuffed.  Some synthetics can be difficult to work with.

Don’t use anything that frays badly.  Small amounts of fabric are fine – bring things from your stash. Fat quarters are ample and will contribute to a few dolls.

 Trims of all kinds may be useful – ribbons, laces, beads etc.

 Hair – you can use more or less anything – but fancy chunky yarns are great, dyed fleece and wool tops to use as a base.  I sell Tibetan lamb but this is quite expensive and not necessary unless you really want this effect.

 If you have your own doll making tools, pens or pencils then bring them.  If you do not already have them I would advise not to buy until afterwards, especially pens as people often buy the wrong kind which do bleed on fabric.

 I do bring a selection of all the basics to sell at the workshop.

Any watercolour pencils will work if you have them but I do have plenty for all to use.

 Walton Village Hall is now very familiar to me but I have visited it and it seems to provide everything we shall need including good easy parking.

We shall be using a smaller room than usual at the hall as there will be only 5 people and myself.

 I shall provide coffee, teas and small bottles of water and biscuits.  We have use of the kitchen with fridge etc.

 There are no facilities for buying food or lunch nearby /so please bring a packed lunch, enough for the day.

 Our Schedule will be:

Fridayth May 11th 2018.  2pm – 6.30pm

Introduction to the project and template sewing also armature method.

 Making the body, arms and legs.

Prepare the armature and begin to insert into the body and legs.

Saturday May 12th 2018. 10am – 7pm.  You can leave earlier if you would like.

 Continue with making the body and attaching legs.

Make arms, hands.  Attach arms to body with armature and then add hands to the arms.

 Make a four part head, stuff this and sculpt the features.

Drawing the features onto the face and colouring these in. The head will go onto the body last after it is fixed to the stand.

 Sunday May 13th 2018

 On the last day we will finish the doll by making the costume and adding the hair and finishing touches.  It is possibly and often desirable to make separate clothes for these independently standing dolls.  I will bring some basic sleeve and bodice patterns that fit this size doll.  These can be adapted to each individual doll.

This is a lot to do in 3 days but I always hope to get everyone to a stage where they can easily finish off at home.

 My Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Before April 13tstsst 2018- £25.00 of the amount paid is non-refundable but I will refund the balance of £135.00.  After April 13 - 2018 -  unless I can find another person to fill the place, the total will be non-refundable.  If I find a replacement £25.00 will be retained to cover admin costs.