Beryl Biker by Sue Parker

  • £8.00

Or maybe she should have been called Rebel Beryl but thats a bit of a 
For Beryl I used a good quality fine Calico but any close thread count cotton fabric
will be suitable.  Her top bodice and breasts were added after and stitched on
and the trousers are completely separate but stitched onto the waist.  Relatively small amounts of all the fabrics are required and can be found from discarded clothes
and remnants.  Felt is the best fabric for the jacket but again not a large amount.
For the shoes I did use a small quantity of 3mm thick felt but if you dont have any
just double up on what you have.
She is approx 18" tall and because her arms and legs are button jointed she will
sit well.  She is firmly stuffed and the face is lightly needle sculpted and then
Coloured.  Her hair comprises wool, ribbon and could be string, strips of fabrics
etc, cut to length and stitched on.
People often say 'oh she looks just like my friend' and that of course is the beauty
of doll making, you can make them look like your friends!