Give Us A Kiss - Colleen Babcock


Give Us a Kiss designed by Colleen Babcock

Give Us a Kiss is a 15” (38cm) cloth doll with her arms extended above her head to clutch onto a bunch of mistletoe, hoping for a kiss.  In her finished position, the doll measures approximately 23” (58cm) in length, including the mistletoe ball.  This doll’s body combines art doll proportions with rag doll style assembly making her suitable for doll makers of all levels.  For those people who feel very challenged by drawing doll faces, several elements of this pattern can help, including the less difficult to draw closed eyes, the shaped head pattern which helps when placing the facial features and the detailed instructions that guide you through every aspect of drawing and sculpting the face.  The pattern also includes instructions to make the doll’s festive costume complete with blanket stitch detailing.  Give Us a Kiss combines simple shapes with a lot of character making her a great project for the beginner or advanced doll maker to create as a holiday decoration or gift. 






Normally: £7.00