Poppits by Sharon Mitchell

  • £7.00

These needle- sculpted Poppits are funny and delightful! 

 Make them for adults or children; they love to peep out to see who is around to have a conversation!

 Two poppits can put on a hilarious show and entertain for hours! They can twist and turn, lean to one side, slowly turn around and quickly turn back!  They can chat and laugh, hide and slide, and are great fun for adults and children alike! 

 Make them with arms attached to the cone, hanging loose or folded.  Stitch a finger to the lip or face, for a comical look! Put on a hat or make them like a clown! Dress them up or down, fancy or plain!

 It’s good to match your fabrics and hair colours before you start, but of course – you can always change your mind as you go!

 Plenty of drawings and photographs to teach you all aspects of making these dolls. All requirements written on the pattern with links to my Blog & Facebook pages.