• Santos by Sharon Mitchell
  • Santos by Sharon Mitchell

Santos by Sharon Mitchell


This Stump doll is a response to the many people who have a lot on their minds, who suffer from anxiety, or fear of the future, or who want to put some other message on it - or not!


The quote on her dress comes from a 13th Century mystic, Julian of Norwich, who was an Anchoress - look it up - famous for her quotes amongst other things.  My favourite is: All will be well, and all will be well and all manner of thing will be well!


The Santos Dolls take their name from Spain, meaning Saint, and are early 1700's in origin, generally carved by priests in the early church. They found their way around the world as figureheads on ships.


This version is very colourful and sassy, and while she has all the trappings of a medieval saint, her attitude is - 'Actually - everything will be ok, so quit worrying!'


This 23 inches tall fun doll,  can be made from scraps or recycled fabrics, or you can go out and buy new stuff!  The requirements are on the back of the pattern.


 I used good thick yarn for her hair, but whatever works. 


 I used big Indian beads in her hair, called Wedding Cake Beads!


All instructions are given with many drawings and photo's, but best of all, there is a tutorial on my Blog of how to do the face, with the addresss on the pattern!