Glastonbury Girl - new doll Sept 2017.

Glastonbury Girl - new doll Sept 2017.

Glastonbury Girl is an 18' doll made with a full armature on a stand.  She is all cloth as all my dolls and is made as a separate body and then costumed.  She has Indian style silk trousers - these are a habitai silk which I have tray dyed.  Her tunic is a floral print with bell sleeves and a braid trim.  Note the lovely waistcoat which I have crocheted into granny squares from a fine cotton thread. The mixed beads around her neck were my actual hippie beads worn in 1970's. The fringed shoulder bag is suede and her blanket carried over the arm, is painted with fabric dyes.  Her hair is dyed Wenslydale fleece which is needle felted in place. Glastonbury Girl has flowers in her hair and slip-on sneakers as she makes her way to the Festival in 1975.

I don't currently have a pattern of this doll but may do one in the future.

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