July Workshop in Glastonbury 2019.

July Workshop in Glastonbury 2019.

I have used a very friendly venue for my Glastonbury workshops this year 2019 - it accommodates 6 people very comfortably with a table each.  I think have enough space to spread out in when on a two day workshop it terribly important.  Usually everyone has some details to finish after the workshop - with trims and costuming and its always nice for all the attendees to see each others finished work.  I always put them on the Face Book group 'Jan Horrox Cloth Doll Makers ' group but some people are not on Face Book, so I thought I would write a blog about the dolls and include some photos.

At the workshops I provide a pattern which alows a variety of styles of dolls to be made from it.  All who come bring an idea or a picture of what they want to make and we work it out during the workshop, thus ending up with 6 completely individual dolls.  It is always thrilling to see them come to fruition.

This doll is by Lynn Spendlove and made as a partner for a ceramic sculpture Lynn has.  The pattern was conceived and drafted by Lynn before she arrived at the workshop. This was an exciting project and really well executed.

This is a Bee Fairy made by Karen Eckett.  Karen used my pattern 'Miss Fantastic' with tab joints.  The black sections are a shiny satin fabric which was a little challenging, however Karen has managed the whole project very successfully.  I love the "Bee Fairy' idea and all the costuming was very successful.

This is a first doll by Jan Westhead.  She was based upon the Miranda pattern in my first book 'An Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls'.  A first doll is always pretty challenging however Jan completed this very pretty doll.

Margaret McInall came to improve her doll making in the workshop having made a brief start at home.  Margaret's doll was finished at home and here she is - a very successful and colourful finish as in the picture below. 


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Do think I’ve already commented – but so nice to see completed dolls from the workshop in july – and so looking forward to hopefully a repeat Glastonbury workshop at some time in the not too distant future!!😁

Happy doll making all

Margaret McInall

Nice to see pics of the dolls now that they’re finished – Well done everyone.
So looking forward to another workshop in Glastonbury if you can do one Jan.

Margaret McInall

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