GDPR Policy

GDPR Compliance Statement for Jan Manson t/as Jan Horrox April 2018

This has been written after much research online and from Radio programmes. Mainly this is a response to the information supplied by the Information Commissioners Office for micro businesses and a number of phone conversations with the advice line at this organisation. A document from their website called ’12 steps to take now’. All this can be found at

1. Awareness

I am a sole trader with no staff or assistance of any kind. I have informed myself of what is required for my organisation. I am fully aware that the law is changing in May 2018. I work with one mac lap top and one iphone. Both are password protected. No other person has access to or uses my office. I shred all paper records promptly and regularly.

2. Information I hold

The email addresses of people who have emailed me and to whom I have replied. These are automatically saved on gmail or apple mail.

Email addresses of people who have subscribed to my newsletter by the link on the home page.

Email and postal addresses for people who have ordered from my website physical items which have been shipped to them. These orders and details are saved by default to the back of my website which is hosted by Shopify. 150 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON Canada K2P1LA Shopify inc. My website is password protected. Email addresses and postal addresses for people who have paid to attend my workshops in the UK. These are groups who meet at a designated location usually in Somerset. These are not online. I keep these addresses for a couple of months in case I wish to send on any information or notes. After that the paper copies are shredded.

I never share this information with anyone at all. I have never shared information with anyone