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Jan Horrox

Making Fantasy Cloth Dolls by Jan Horrox

Making Fantasy Cloth Dolls by Jan Horrox

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This book by Jan Horrox contains 3 projects of fantasy cloth dolls each with a variation - so in all there are 2 fairies, 2 mermaids, a steampunk and a goth.  They are the same scale as the dolls in the first book 'An Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls' and so the template pieces are interchangeable.  This book introduces templates for drawing the eyes and mouths for those who find drawing faces more challenging.  There are instructions for simple screen printing and how to make your own screens as well as a lovely painted finish for the 'flesh' parts of the doll. This is used for the Goth and Witch.  Everything is explained with step-by step photos and text as in the first book.

This will be superseeded by 'How To Make Cloth Dolls' at 14.99 February 29th 2020, so now discounted.

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